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To interview for their visas, the girls risked a 500 mile trek cross-country to the American embassy in Kabul – the site of several recent suicide attacks and one deadly truck bomb in early June that killed at least 90 people.

Despite the recent violence, the teenagers braved the trip to the country's capital not once, but twice, hoping a second round of interviews might help secure their 7-day visas after the team was rejected on its first try. Roya Mahboob, who founded Citadel software company in Afghanistan, and was the country's first female tech CEO, brought the group of girls together for the project.

I had a date to have the joint replaced by a famous knee man (he’s listed in the Metropolitan Opera program as a major supporter) but changed course at the last moment, opting elsewhere for injections of synthetic frog hair or rooster combs or something, which magically took away the pain. Old letters are engrossing but feel historic in numbers, photo albums delightful but with a glum after-kick like a chocolate caramel.

I walk around with a cane now when outdoors—“Stop ” I hear my wife, Carol, admonishing—which gives me a nice little edge when hailing cabs. “He and I play in a mandolin quartet every Wednesday night at the Hotel Edison. Home movies are killers: Zeke, a long-gone Lab, alive again, rushing from right to left with a tennis ball in his mouth; my sister Nancy, stunning at seventeen, smoking a lipstick-stained cigarette aboard Astrid, with the breeze stirring her tied-up brown hair; my mother laughing and ducking out of the picture again, waving her hands in front of her face in embarrassment—she’s about thirty-five.

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The students are screwing together joints, programming the machine's sensors, and still trying to find one chain.Celebrities took to Twitter to react to Bill O’Reilly getting fired by Fox News.

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