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31-May-2017 11:21

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Before telling her made-for-the-talk-show-circuit story, Kravitz celebrated Fallon's third anniversary hosting the show with a surprise appearance from her famous father, Lenny Kravitz.

The elder Kravitz casually walked on the set with dark and stormy cocktails for Fallon, fellow guest Joel Mc Hale, and Fallon.

Only in LA would a guy leave a turtle with an almost stranger and only in LA would that almost stranger take the turtle in the first place.

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Certainly the emotional bond that formed between Kravitz and Kidman was strong, and there was talk of them settling down.

Since the split, far from being heartbroken, life has been one long party for Lenny. Instead, he has been intent on finding fresh female company, in Miami, where he owns an outlandishly decorated home complete with white fur tunnels, and DJs at hip clubs.