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Lessons provide a fundamental introduction to Mandarin Chinese by focusing on pinyin and character review, pronunciation, grammar, tones, and simplified Chinese characters.

This course enables students to gain cultural understanding as well as improve their writing and speaking abilities.

Researchers from the University of Oxford and Peking University analysed data from nearly 513,000 adults aged 30 to 79 years from 10 areas (five rural and five urban) across China, who were recruited between 20 and followed up until 2014. The researchers found that, compared with adults without diabetes, individuals with diabetes had twice the risk of dying during the follow-up period, and the increase was higher in rural areas than in urban areas.

The researchers estimated that the 25-year probability of death would be 69 per cent among those diagnosed with diabetes at age 50 compared with 38 per cent among otherwise similar individuals without diabetes, corresponding to a loss of nine years of life (10 years in rural areas and eight years in urban areas).

Study of 513,00 adults from across China ran from 2004 to 2014 and found significantly increased probability of dying in those with diabetes.

In other health news: acupuncture might help colicky babies stop crying SCMP health editor Jeanette Wang discovered the joy of trail running in 2011, when she moved from ultra-urbanised Singapore to the country park haven of Hong Kong.

See full summary » In a remote mountain village, the teacher must leave for a month, and the mayor can find only a 13-year old girl, Wei Minzhi, to substitute. See full summary » Three thieves try to steal a valuable jade that is tightly guarded by a security chief.

Seen together, the studies suggest that "adulthood" is a deeply cultural idea: in individualist America, your parents are thought to be on their own; in collectivist China, they're your responsibility.This is the second course in a four-part Chinese series (CHIN 041, CHIN 043, CHIN 051, and CHIN 053) and is a continuation of CHIN 041 (First-Year Chinese, Part 1).(the online interactive workbook associated with the textbook) in the first checkpoint/course orientation.A city government says seven people were killed and 59 injured in an explosion at the front gate of a kindergarten in eastern China as relatives were picking up their children at the end of the school day.

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The Xuzhou city government in Jiangsu province said the blast at the Chuangxin Kindergarten in Fengxian, which struck at p.m. It wasn't immediately clear whether the explosion was deliberately set or the result of an accident.

In the nearby red sorghum fields she falls for one of his servants. See full summary » During the Japanese occupation of China, two prisoners are dumped in a peasant's home in a small town.