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$ 5,750.00 This 1972 alto is incredibly responsive!

Almost certainly hailing from Boston, this later Mark VI displays some of the trademarks of repairman Emilio Lyons.

Chill-out Sunday afternoons take place on the garden terrace with cool local musicians providing the laid-back vibe. The whole evening was very entertaining, firstly our food was good, Johnny played while we were eating, then we had a pop quiz and after we danced the rest of the evening.

Seasonal closure: November - February my self and my 2 daughters met johnny in the old town were he was booked a table as it was my birthday i was not really looking forward to it as i thought i did not like the we got there johnny meet us at the door as though he had known us as old friends his staff were so good even though the restrant was full you never had to wait for drinks how the done it i dont know.

I'm going back, gonna take up the slack,back to where the good times are.

Description: Visit our Facebook page: Johnny Hooper's Saxophone Bistro. Johnny Hooper's live saxophone shows with fun music quiz, party atmosphere and dancing are on Tuesday and Friday nights. his wife sue do's the cooking and it was so good the staff let us know there was a bit off a wait for the food but that never bothered us as we were having a great time every one joined in it was as if we were one big party every talking and dancing een on the tables if you are looking for a good night out go to johnnys you wont be sorry we even went for sunday lunch and it was like eating a sunday dinner at will be going back johnny you sue and your staff are the best We booked for our friends 50th birthday. The food was good, service great and also saxophone playing "brilliant".

Turn it inside out, sew up the sides along the new curves, and then turn it right side out again. I just cut strips out of the those rectangle pieces of felt and sewed them together.

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