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16-Mar-2017 23:56

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” Sadly, for those five weeks, I wasn’t the most fun person to hang out with.Tea cups put alongside a pack of cigarettes ready to fuse and Mustafa’s unavoidable moustache appearing in every corner of the basement were all about to sum a traditional “Turkish experience” which began with the melancholic tunes of Arabesque.From emergence to expansion, from rise to fall, the Inca timeline is a complex, fascinating and ultimately tragic chain of events.We listened to some Turkish Funk and some more Psych records, and most importantly she connected me to one of her favorite customers, Mustafa.

Mustafa collects mostly Turkish music with a strong affection to a specific artist, The Transvestite artist Zeki Muren.It was a great and unusual experience for me, letting someone else do the talking and asking the questions. Stepping down on a narrow stairs, we ended up in a storage-like basement with piles of records replaced on dusty wooden shelves alongside their old counterpart, a bunch of cassettes.

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