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For the first time, this Article comprehensively analyzes Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) sexual harassment charge statistics, by looking at data from the last seven years along with Lexis-Nexis and Westlaw electronic reports of sexual harassment complaints for the last twenty years.What immediately becomes apparent in this statistical analysis of sexual harassment charges in the United States is the overrepresentation of women of color and the "under-representation" of White women in the charging parties when compared with their demographic presence in the female labor force.The morning after the incident, both Jane and John said they didn’t remember what happened the night before and set about recreating the evening’s events by speaking with friends who witnessed them having sex, reviewing text messages they had sent to each other, and piecing together the physical clues.John awoke to find a used condom and Jane’s earrings in his room; Jane learned that after having sex with John, she had ventured out again to find another man to cuddle with.For a number of years, commentators have proffered anecdotal evidence to suggest that women of color figure prominently as sexual harassment plaintiffs.Until recently, a systematic statistical analysis of women's experiences of sexual harassment by race was largely unavailable.- To adopt Harm Reduction Approach through outreach service at gathering places or treatment and rehabilitation agencies of Chinese drug abusers.

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- Services cover 17 correctional institutions and the Immigration Centre, for both male, female as well as adults and youth.

Although a number of factors may very well be causally connected to the disproportionate patterns in female sexual harassment filing statistics by race, primary amongst the causal factors is the powerful influence of racialized gender stereotypes.