Mysql slave invalidating query cache entries table

04-Jun-2016 09:35

We are looking for community feedback on the use-cases for the Query Cache in My SQL.As astute followers will notice, the query cache is now off by default in 5.6, but realistically it's always been disabled because the previous configuration was with zero memory allocated to it.

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And if you want to tune your My SQL Query Cache, I strongly recommend query cache tuner by Domas Mituzas!

stores the text of a SELECT statement together with the corresponding result that was sent to the client.

If an identical statement is received later, the server retrieves the results from the query cache rather than parsing and executing the statement again It is a cache, so it is meant to improve performance.

First because i dont't see the servers processing anything, and second, because as i mentiomed in update4, the server stops processing and gets stuck on invalidating cache on the old non-Percona servers which caused the replication to halt until the cache was invalidated (Which took a lot of time). id=60696 We solved the issue by moving entirely to Percona My SQL server v5.5 which has the ability to disable Query Cache completely.

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We lately mved to My SQL V5.5 on Cent OS release 6.7 with master and 2 slaves.From the bug reports, it seems to make a difference...