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You find a geographic map and a geologic map of the area (see next page).Now you have the information you need to lead an expedition to the area.magma lava obsidian plate boundary folds marble slate vent quarzite transform/Lateral plate boundary earthquake Continental Drift divergent plate boundary convergent plate boundary plate deposition uncomformities fault iridium Pangaea Law of Superposition crust Stratigraphy mantle First, you go to the library to look for previous scientific reports on the area.You find one report with pictures of large pieces of fossil bones that look like they belong to a dinosaur.Similarly, igneous intrusions cannot cut across or disturb rock layers unless the rock layer was deposited before the intrusion occurred.Unconformities occurs over a long time period when sediment deposition has ceased, erosion removes the top rock layers, and then sediment deposition resumes.The method of placing rocks in their proper sequence of formation, from which formed first, second, third, etc. Relative dating is accomplished by using the law of superposition, the principle of original horizontality, inclusions, principle of cross cutting relationships, and unconformities.

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This sounds interesting, but there is no map that shows exactly where the fossil fragments were found.

This simple rule states that in an undeformed sequence of rocks, each bed is older than the one above it and younger than the one below it.

The principle of original horizontality was also proposed by Steno.

A very brief history of biostratigraphy reveals several basic principles that were established over the centuries.

In the late 1600s, Nicolaus Steno established the proposition that rock layers should lie over one another in the order of their age, the oldest at the bottom, and the youngest deposited on top (the Law of Superposition).

Dating is not necessary to demonstrate that evolution is a fact.

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