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So, that information needs to be handled carefully. Gentleman may know that the Home Office is looking to see whether there are circumstances in which such information could be more broadly shared, perhaps, for example, where individuals are seeking to form new relationships with people whom they want to check out to determine whether they might be a risk to the children if they are to share the household with them.We will wait and see how those pilot projects go to see whether there is some read-across to Northern Ireland, but it is important that agencies have the maximum amount of information—that is why we have the multi-agency arrangements in place—and important that we manage that information to ensure the maximum compliance by sex offenders, rather than seeing them disappear underground.These include European legislation that protects the right to privacy, the right to life, the right to be free from degrading treatment and the right to earn a living.The laws were passed last year and are set to come into effect from June.The intention, we’re told, is to “reduce demand” for paid sex: shrinking, then ultimately abolishing, the sex trade.It’s too bad that the reality of the law is not so simple, nor so uncomplicatedly progressive.Sweden’s landmark 1999 sex work legislation—presented as decriminalizing the seller of sex while criminalizing the client—is aggressively marketed as a “progressive solution” to prostitution internationally.


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If passed, the bill will create new offences for purchasing sex in relation to prostitution.Given that Northern Ireland’s laws are now just 10 days away this is particularly urgent in Ireland.

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