One good love dating site reviews dating email addresses

07-Sep-2016 13:12

(Believe me they're not looking for an old man from the US or anywhere else in the world for that matter) The fact is, they didn't reply to you, the greedy website did it all.Most likely some dude (or a woman that looks like a dude) sitting behind a computer in their office somewhere in the world did it all.If you're looking to mess around or have a laugh then this is the place.If you're looking to potentially find a connection you're in the wrong place. A lot of guys who appear to be nice and say nice things .

Maybe your parents immigrated here when you were young, but you’ve always wanted to marry someone from your home country.

The first clue is they love too fast and then they say they want to get to spend the rest of their lives with you when they only knew you only for one day these are a bunch of scam artists that come from Nigeria and Africa please ladies don't fall for this get off of that website quickly.