Online dating depressed people

15-Jul-2016 20:53

The depressed person often has little energy left over to think about others, so may appear overly self-absorbed, often with a host of minor physical complaints.Their problems don’t respond to good advice or common sense, so people give up on them.Gender - More women experience depression than men.[3] While the reasons for this are still unclear, they may include the hormonal changes women go through during menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth and menopause.Other reasons may include the stress caused by the multiple responsibilities that women have.Nothing seems comforting, pleasurable, or worth living for.There’s no apparent hope for things ever feeling better, and history is rewritten and experienced as confirmation that everything has always been miserable, and always will be. For some people, a number of factors seem to be involved, while for others a single factor can cause the illness.Oftentimes, people become depressed for no apparent reason.

” It is a social convention to greet friends, strangers, and acquaintances with this question.

Sometimes we get angry at the depressed person, but feel guilty afterward.

Depressed people have an intense need for love and acceptance, but they usually can’t reciprocate, so they seem needy and ungrateful.

For example, if the person is unable to feel love for a spouse, and someone reminds the person that he or she used to feel that love, the person may firmly believe he or she had been pretending to himself/herself and others—though at the time he or she really felt it.

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The person can’t remember feeling the love, and can’t feel it during the episode, and thus concludes he or she never felt it.

Genetic - A family history of depression increases the risk for developing the illness.

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