Profile unix updating user

24-Jul-2016 18:46

Your path tells the Unix shell where to look on the system when you request a particular program.

Having more directories in your path will reduce the number of times you get "Command not found" errors, but might put you at greater risk of activating a Trojan horse.

You can google for 'how to update PATH in profile' and similar to learn more about the topic.

Here is a typical snippet found in a .profile file; its purpose is to allow you to run programs that are stored in the directory /usr/mypackage/bin.

You can see these files (if they exist) by entering these commands at the command line: option says 'show hidden files'.

Hidden files are those that start with a period - this is the convention used in unix/linux to 'hide' files.

The following are the profile files of the commonly used shells: The content of the other profile will depend on the syntax of the respective shell. I tried to copy the correct .profile from my own profile but it does not recognize any commands.

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