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01-May-2016 12:01

Rafiee wasn’t told what that suspicion was based on, but all his electronics were seized that night, though he was allowed to continue on to London.

One week after the encounter at the airport, and after agents had thoroughly copied the electronic data, Rafiee’s devices were returned to him. More than three years later, it turns out the suspicion weren’t based on anything.

As Violet Blue reports, Iran is getting ready to execute Web developer Saeed Malekpour for allegedly building and maintaining porn websites. For more than a week now, Iran has locked down almost all Internet services that use the HTTPS protocol for security.

At the same time, Iran boasts of further nuclear enrichment advances; seems to be attempting terrorist attacks; and is saber rattling in Persian Gulf. This may have been to stop protests on the anniversary of the arrest of Green movement leaders Mir Hussein Moussavi and Mehdi Karroubi on February 14th for contesting the results of the disputed 2009 presidential vote.

Num sentido mais restrito para comunidade linguística da língua persa, é denominado de iranofonia, ou persofonia.

É apenas na época moderna que as intervenções coloniais ocidentais e a etnicidade se tornaram fator de separação entre as províncias do mundo iraniano.

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In February 2014, the Rafiees, their company and a third man, Majid Nouri, were all indicted by a San Diego federal grand jury on charges that they evaded the sanctions by selling nearly million worth of air conditioning cooling products to Iran.

Enquanto certas fontes definem este espaço como o dos Estados do presente do Irão, Afeganistão, Azerbaijão e repúblicas da Ásia Central , outras fontes como as do investigador Richard Nelson Frye dão uma definição mais abrangente incluindo "a maior parte do Cáucaso, do Afeganistão e da Ásia Central, com influências culturais a estenderem-se até ao mundo chinês, ao subcontinente indiano e aos países que falam línguas semitas." Segundo Frye, "Irão significa todos os territórios e povos onde as línguas iranianas são ou foram faladas, e, no passado, as culturas iranianas de múltiplas facetas existiram." .

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