Rails development log not updating phone line dating service

22-Sep-2016 08:40

The installation process sets up a firewall rule to forward incoming requests on port 80 to Pow.

You can do this by hand in the crontab in the server, but the syntax is a little complicated.The Whenever gem is a wonderful gem that allows you to schedule your tasks in plain old Ruby, and updates your crontab automatically on a Capistrano deploy.I love this gem because I don't have to worry about remembering to update my crontab by hand, and I like that it documents my scheduled tasks right in my app, so other developers coming on board will quickly be able to see that there are tasks scheduled (whereas it's not as obvious if those tasks are only documented in the crontab). Get the most recent version of the Whenever gem (docs here). We're going to do that later when we talk about deploying.You can install it in ten seconds and have your first app up and running in under a minute.

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No mucking around with , no compiling Apache modules, no editing configuration files or installing preference panes.But when I was trying to learn for the first time I felt those services made even less sense to me TBH.