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To the Rastas, Haile Selassie became Jah, or God incarnate, who would one day lead the people of African origin to a promised land.Although Haile Salassie died in 1975, his death is not accepted by Rastafarians, who believe he will one day return.Selassie—originally named Tafari Makonnen—was a governor’s son, assuming the throne of Ethiopia in a complex struggle for succession.The nation’s leaders favored Tafari for the role of emperor—and, in 1930, he was crowned.There are significant differences between the Rastafari that existed before 1994 and that of the postapartheid period.This article thus identifies these differences, explains why and how the transformation took place after 1994, and the current state of this Movement in South Africa.

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(Wikipedia has details.) Beyond the prophesies in the Book of Revelation and New Testament that Rastafari point to as proof of Selassie’s status, the emperor also could trace his lineage back to King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba.Leonard Howell, often called the “first Rasta,” set up the first Rastafarian commune of 5,000 people at Pinnacle, St Catherine, Jamaica.