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01-May-2017 03:01

If you are interested in any of these instructors in particular it is a great product to learn more about them.Some information is a little outdated, and overall the product is overpriced.This is a useful product to inspire and guide newbies to a realistic path to dating mastery, or for more intermediate and advanced students to identify and get over their 'sticking points'.

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RSD is best known for its exposure in the bestseller "The Game" in which both of the founders, TD (Owen Cook) and Papa (Nick Kho) are main characters.

The founding members (Papa and TD) of RSD initially took bootcamps with Mystery Method, and before founding their own business also worked as instructors on Mystery Method bootcamps.

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Drawing on the long tradition of epistolary literature, like Bram Stoker's Dracula, HOOKED stories unfold through back-and-forth conversations.… continue reading »

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