Rss feed not updating in google reader

16-May-2016 00:53

Its demise gave moment of glory to other readers like Feedly which is most popular amongst alternatives.We thought that most of the users are new to Feedly and thus we are writing this Feedly tips and tricks article to make most out of it.For example – Saving articles in Feedly automatically saves them in Pocket too. Interestingly they are not the complete set and as some are hidden from the older versions like g [1-9] will take you to that numbered category feeds.Today I was trying to find a way to read Twitter updates of one of my Twitter follower in RSS reader, but did not find any easy way to do that.This productivity hack article will teach you to use Feedly according to your needs.#1 Have different views on different feeds Not every website is same and hence not their feeds.

This is possible with IFTTT recipes where you can control the actions from one web service to another. key on the keyboard will show you current set of shortcuts.The source code is hosted on Gist and provided below.Our favorite RSS aggregator tool Google Reader is long dead.The reason I wanted to do this is because Twitter is disabled in most of the offices, while RSS is not.

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This would given an easy way to access Twitter from office. Sponsored Links Google Reader then started showing all my Twitter updates as RSS feed.

But, finding the reason is the main point to solve the issue.