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29-Feb-2016 07:23

There, the crew treated a fully packed house to its most recent release, a Ruff Ryders meets Rugrats squad anthem called "All In." The song's carnival-esque beat is bubbly, but proves adaptable to each collaborator's distinctive lyrical style — all of them anchored by Lil Boat's signature sleepy, half-sung lilt. Kodie Shane, the Sailing Team's lone female member whose grandpa named her after a cowboy.

The Chicago-bred newcomer is fast developing her own committed fan base — captivated equally by her multi-faceted, elastic sound and her entirely disarming smile.

Graduating from college, becoming an officer, moving across the country (or world), and settling into “adult life” can be stressful.

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The following is a guest post from one such officer, a Lieutenant in the Surface Warfare community who has opted to remain anonymous for professional reasons. You now are the newest Ensign in the United States Navy, heading to a warship of your choice. There have been many advances in both the Navy and the American culture over the years. Unfortunately there are many junior officers who commit this crime, some unknowingly.Online dating has never been more popular than it is now, and it's not uncommon anymore to actually know someone who managed to develop a successful relationship after signing up on a dating site and using it to meet up with potential matches.The biggest platforms like Match, Zoosk, e Harmony, Plenty of Fish and Ok Cupid have millions of monthly users, but a sizeable user base and a dominant spot in the market doesn't mean they've ultimately cracked the code when it comes to solving everyone's love lives.Both are fully on display in the music video for "All In," released earlier this month — on the day before Kodie made her NYC debut at one of Venus X's GHE20G0TH1K events.

Kodie's easygoing, tomboyish style and fearless approach to creative projects made her an excellent match for the night's hosts: all-female Bronx skate collective Las Brujas.Just keep in mind that there are some behaviors or actions that women officers must be aware of to be viewed as competent professionals. From an informal look, there are many more female SWOs who ruin their careers with “frat” than males.