Sallie mae not consolidating loans

20-Aug-2016 04:37

My husband has been trying to consolidate his Sallie Mae loans since AUGUST!

we are using Direct Loan & had 2 different loan companies we wanted them to consolidate, one was ACS, the other is Sallie Mae...

Actual loan pricing is based on creditworthiness factors evaluated during the application process.

Fixed interest rates and the deferred repayment option are only available to borrowers attending degree-granting institutions.

Well the ACS loans were great & consolidated within 2 weeks..we are almost Novemeber & Sallie Mae claims they never recieved any requests for the proper info from Direct Loans, when Direct Loans has now sent 2 requests!

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What's more, some benefits of a federal consolidation loan, such as interest subsidies on deferred loans, are not available on private loans.I’m still getting lots and lots of questions about what to do with your student loans.Although there are sometimes exceptions, it is helpful for borrowers, particularly medical school borrowers, to see the rules of thumb all mapped out in a helpful way.If you’re now an attending (or soon will be) you can start at the bottom left, with residency graduation.

Step 1 is to consolidate as much of your debt as possible into a federal loan program eligible for Re PAYE and PSLF.allows you to choose the repayment option that best suits your borrowing needs and offers options that help you save money and pay off your loans faster, or give your flexibility to defer payments.