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In Materials analysis of artefacts we discuss the background to application of materials science to archaeological artefacts, with an emphasis on the main methods in current use, such as petrology, microscopy (of various kinds), chemical and isotopic analysis, and chromatography.The lectures follow the classification of the materials, e.g.Each section has 6 formal classes in which the essential components are outlined (total 18 lectures), and 2 tutorials during which we further discuss appropriate case studies, problems and essays (total 6 tutorials).Biomolecular approaches to diet deals with the retrieval of chemical evidence from skeletal tissues and other organic residues for addressing questions about human diet in the past.Increasingly better-defined methods of dating have radically enhanced our ability to address questions of cultural identity and ethnicity, as well as cultural change; an understanding of the primary methods that date the past is still critical to interpreting social process.

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Culture history and diffusionism may - with hindsight - seem excessively preoccupied with classification and social evolution, and to have applied unsophisticated historical interpretations instead of asking fundamental questions about human behaviour.These techniques both place assemblages of artefacts into relative order.

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