Scottish dating circle dating game in the butt

19-Sep-2016 14:30

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They were erected in the late Neolithic era, and were a focus for ritual activity during the Bronze Age.

Their characteristic feature is a large stone on its side, flanked by two upright stones, usually on the south or south-west arc of the circle.It’s situated in a landscape littered with remains of stone circles and burial cairns.The Callanish Stones (or "Callanish I", Clachan Chalanais or Tursachan Chalanais in Scottish Gaelic) are an arrangement of standing stones placed in a cruciform pattern with a central stone circle.The stones are all of the same rock type, namely the local Lewisian gneiss.

Within the stone circle is a chambered tomb to the east of the central stone.The Callanish Stones consist of a stone circle of thirteen stones with a monolith near the middle.