Sedating pain

26-Mar-2016 19:18

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Specifically, the drugs, doses, and techniques used are not likely to produce a loss of protective airway reflexes.

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Opioid medications were once withheld from suffering cancer patients because of fear of addiction, exaggerated concern about side effects, or, in some cases, doubt about the morality of treatment.When pain is controlled, medications for the underlying disease or disorder tend to work better.Opioid analgesia is one of the most prolife therapies that we have to offer patients with cancer pain, and there is no reason to think that patients with other diseases are any less deserving of relief or that their pain is any less amenable to treatment.Many procedures performed in the ED are painful and require medication to alleviate the discomfort. Practitioners inadequately treat pain for many reasons, including: Progression from Level 1 through Level 4 exists as a continuum, determined by the maintenance or loss of protective airway reflexes, a patent airway, adequate ventilation and oxygenation, and response to verbal and physical stimuli.

These may be controlled by dose-dependent titration of one or more classes of drugs.

Age, gender, socioeconomic class and ethnicity do not limit pain or define an individual’s tolerance for pain.

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