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05-May-2016 03:12

The 86-year-old made the off-mic remark about Angela Akins in BBC coverage of the Masters.As images were shown of Akins, 31, reacting to Garcia’s win, Alliss’ muffled voice was heard saying: “She’s got the shortest skirt on the campus.” On Monday, the BBC confirmed Alliss believed he was off air when he made the “light-hearted” comment and accepts that it was “inappropriate.” The remark was picked up by viewers who watched the dramatic events when Spain’s Garcia beat British rival Justin Rose to claim his first-ever major.We are tracking the "Yes Means Yes" movement through the world. Below the jump is a listing of state by state campus and legislative policy with links to laws and pending policy/legislation. Babies: always a surprise, no matter how much you plan!Commentator Peter Alliss caused a sexism row by referring to the short skirt worn by Sergio Garcia’s fiancée.Note that the plaintiff was suspended two days after Gonzalez received the call—well before the university even bothered to interview Does 1 and 2 to determine whether the accusations were merited, according to the lawsuit.

It bears some similarity to a case at Colorado State University-Pueblo, where a male athlete was suspended for years for raping his girlfriend, even though the girlfriend never complained and in fact stated unequivocally, "I'm fine and I wasn't raped." In the UC-Boulder case, the Plaintiff was suspended from campus pending an investigation into allegations that he had sexually assaulted two female students, uncreatively referred to as "Jane Doe 1" and "Jane Doe 2." The impetus for the investigation was an anonymous phone call made to Christine Gonzalez, a Title IX coordinator at CU-Boulder.

One member of the TV audience of over 2.5 million called for the BBC to get rid of Alliss immediately, saying he “ruined” Garcia’s “finest moment” with the “disgraceful comment.” This is the latest in a string of sexism rows to engulf the long-serving commentator.

Akins, 31, who started dating Garcia almost two years ago, is a former college golfer who has worked as a reporter on the Golf Channel.

Working off of an anonymous tip, a particularly vindictive Title IX administrator launched an investigation into the male student and concluded that he had raped two different female students—students who never filed complaints.

The first victim, in fact, was initially unable to recall whether they had engaged in sexual activity at all.They announced their engagement in January and plan to marry in July.