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06-Jul-2016 00:41

The allegations were made by two former military intercept operators on a television news report Thursday evening. Army Reserves Arab linguist, told ABC News the NSA was listening to the phone calls of U. military officers, journalists and aid workers overseas who were talking about "personal, private things with Americans who are not in any way, shape or form associated with anything to do with terrorism." David Murfee Faulk, a former U. Navy Arab linguist, said in the news report that he and his colleagues were listening to the conversations of military officers in Iraq who were talking with their spouses or girlfriends in the United States.A terrorist surveillance program instituted by the Bush administration allows the intelligence community to monitor phone calls between the United States and overseas without a court order -- as long as one party to the call is a terror suspect. According to Faulk, they would often share the contents of some of the more salacious calls stored on their computers, listening to what he called "phone sex" and "pillow talk." Both Kinne and Faulk worked at the NSA listening facility at Fort Gordon, Georgia. "Any allegation of wrongdoing by employees is thoroughly investigated" and if misconduct is discovered, "we take swift and certain remedial action." CIA Director Mike Hayden, who was the head of the NSA when the terrorist surveillance program began, has always maintained that private conversations of Americans are not intercepted and if it should happen inadvertently, the name is removed from the record."He shouted it across the plane and the first two times I thought he was shouting maybe a friend or something.A couple of passengers after the second time said they were making themselves and their young children uncomfortable and could they shut up.Ghar pohanch kar mainay lunch bhee nahee keya aur apnay kamray main agaiee. C on keya to maloom huwa keh light naheen thee puray kamray main andhera thaa aur dark curtains kee wajah say kuch bhee nazar nahee araha thaa. Aissa pehlee bar naheen keya balkey yeh maira mamool thaa keh main rozana school say wapis aakrar nahathee thee aur aisay hee karma band karkay aur nangee hokar nahanay chlee jathee thee.Mairee umar 16 sal kee thee aur main aik aam see larkee thee uswaqt bhee aur ab bhee."He told others about it."Rayyan, who pleaded guilty to two gun charges, was never charged with terrorism-related crimes.

Read more: Rayyan will learn his fate today at a p.m. For defense attorney Todd Shanker, the disparity in possible punishments raises a troubling question."Is Khalil being punished for being an Arab Muslim from Dearborn, as opposed to a Caucasian?Redditor Chain187 posted an image of what appeared to be a boarding pass for a 21 December flight from Heathrow to New York alongside his claim.They said: "I was sat two seats away from them [sic] internet prankster and his friend.In fact, the supposed passenger said in a Reddit post, Mr Saleh had goaded a friend into shouting in Arabic across the plane and filmed fellow passengers' reactions, before being told to be quiet.

The claim tallies with a statement released by the airline.

Prosecutors have alleged that Rayyan contemplated mass murder and talked about being a jihadist, killing women and children at a church, and killing a police officer in a hospital."He pinpointed the location for each attack," prosecutors argued in court documents.