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My grandmother weighed one pound when she was born in 1933.

One of triplets, she is the only one that survived past infancy.

It all began when a man named David (Sims censored his last name on the conversation's screenshot) posted not one, but two offensive slurs on his wall.

Sims followed the troll's profile and found his grandmother's phone number on his page in a number of places.

She was homesick much of the time, as were many in an era where signs saying “no blacks, no dogs, no Irish” were a common sight in the UK.

They would return home in the early 1970s when my mother was a pre-teen, and settle on the very road she herself grew up on.

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I sometimes include pennies he can earn..loves it and his mom, my wonderful DIL, loves it, too!

Use of stories is progressive with instructions included for children 6 mos to 2 - 3 years; when the child can carry on a simple conversation.

Additional stories can be purchased and are available in English and Spanish.

If someone trolling you lists a phone number on their profile, it makes perfect sense to call the number and confront them.

That's exactly what Pennsylvania state congressman, Brian Sims did, except he didn't speak to the troll over the phone; Sims ended up speaking to his grandmother."Like any grandma, she was very embarrassed at having this kind of convo and very ashamed at the actions of her grandson.