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04-Apr-2017 19:57

Cultural tourism is also very popular in Spain, because of its rich and unique history.

Spain's culture was influenced by many nations so travelers will defiantly be captivated by the variety in activities.

Since 2009, Seeger's company Image Now has been offering advice to companies on anything from the right facial expressions to how to wield a knife and fork at a business lunch.

So here they are, the top ten hints for business success in Switzerland. Dress for success “In Switzerland, you're more likely to be successful in business if you're a good dresser,” says Seeger.

Women should aim to look as natural as possible - “the less complicated the better, but not too boring”. The three-second rule The first three seconds are more important than the next three minutes.Every country has a host of unspoken rules that can take years to master - and being aware of them will make your first few months in a job much easier.