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In co-operation with other West Midlands parishes, the Church of the Nativity of the Mother of God houses the St. Wouldn’t we be right, though, in saying that Wilfrid, in the eye of the storm, and Bede, our chief observer, are two pivotal figures in any discussion of early Christian Britain? JOHN: There are so many exceptional figures from the sixth and seventh centuries on these islands that it is difficult to isolate one or two of them.

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This is why his writings were of such value to the missionaries from these lands to Germany. Like Bede, he was a devout monk, whose greatest joy was to pray continuously in his cell, singing the psalms.

And it is why they endure as devotional reading to this day. But his abilities and his times required of him a life of ceaseless activity as a bishop, an abbot, a missionary, and someone at the forefront in dealing with matters of Church order and organization.

It wasn’t the religion we learned at school or at home, which was only going to church on Sunday and doing whatever the hell you wanted afterwards…

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