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02-Sep-2016 09:39

If the father is out of the picture or not around to discuss rules, relationship outcomes are in fact less desirable.

As the National Fatherhood Project puts it: They also have data suggesting that the absence of a father is tied to greater risk of abuse, neglect, malnutrition, obesity, delinquency and incarceration, aggressive behavior and relationship instability.

One of the victims of the Manchester terror attack has been remembered by a touching t-shirt campaign.

Martyn Hett, 29, was confirmed as one of the Ariana Grande fans killed at the Manchester Arena on Monday.

The PR manager from Stockport was popular on social media and had appeared on several television shows including Tattoo Fixers and Come Dine With Me.While the shirt claims it’s from “feminist father” — it actually has some really good ancient wisdom woven throughout it.