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The Next 100 Years of Global Energy: Part IV The Global Power Fuel Mix and Carbon Transition, Mark A. The Next 100 Years of Global Energy: Part V Density, Key to Fake and True News about Energy and Environment, Jesse H. The Next 100 Years of Global Energy: Part VI The Grand Energy Challenge: Energy Diversity and Economic Realities, Kenneth B. 2017 Middle East Region, Geosciences Technology Workshop, Muscat, Oman, May 9-11, 2017, Abstracts #90297 (2017). Discovery of the Utica Shale: Update on an Evolving Giant, William A. Quantifying Shallow Seismic Anomalies, Ritesh Kumar Sharma and Satinder Chopra, #42101 (2017). Michael Grammer, and Matthew Pranter, #42091 (2017). Defining Aquifer Architecture Using Seismic and Sequence Stratigraphy in the Los Angeles Basin, California: a Foundation for Future Assessment and Management of Groundwater Resources, Kenneth D. Kvale, Chris Flenthrope, and Chris Mace, #10956 (2017). Visualizing a Sub-Salt Field With Image Logs: Image Facies, Mass Transport Complexes, and Reservoir Implications From Thunder Horse, Mississippi Canyon, Gulf of Mexico, Lindsey C. Evaluation of High Quality Source Rocks in Saline Environment of Continental Rift Basin: A Case Study in Laizhouwan Depression, Offshore Bohai Bay Basin, China, Haizhong Cui, Changgui Xu, Qingbing Wang, Feilong Wang, and Huan Lu, #10947 (2017). Advanced Pyrolysis Data and Interpretation Methods to Identify Unconventional Reservoir Sweet Spots in Fluid Phase Saturation and Fluid Properties (API Gravity) From Drill Cuttings and Cores, Albert Maende, Andy Pepper, Daniel M. Study on Intercalation of Shallow Water Delta by Integration of Logging and Seismic Data, Lan Zhang, Qiongyuan Wu, Yuanpeng Jiang, and Shaopeng Wang, #42084 (2017). 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GEO 2012 The 10th Middle East Geosciences Conference and Exhibition, 4-7 March 2012, Manama, Bahrain; - Abstracts, #90141 (2012). Characterization of Diapir-Associated Complex Structural Geometries in Neogene Sequence, Indus Offshore Delta, Pakistan, Zakaullah Babar, Claudio Tobia, and Gamal Elkat, #30226 (2012). Minimizing Offshore Exploration Risks by Evaluating the Charge of Subsea Structures, Rick Schrynemeeckers, #70114 (2012). Transition between Deep-Water Channel-Belt and Overbank Deposits of the Upper Austrian Molasse Basin using 3-D Seismic-Reflection and Core Data, Larisa U. Pre-Drill Prediction of Hydrocarbon Charge: Microseepage-Based Prediction of Charge and Post-Survey Drilling Results, Dietmar (Deet) Schumacher, #40841 (2011). Syndepositional Tectonism and its Effects on Mississippian (Kinderhookian to Osagean) Lithostratigraphic Architecture: Part 2 – Subsurface Occurrences in the Midcontinent USA, S. Geothermal in the Oil Field, Will Gosnold, Michael Mann, and Hossein Salehfar, #80172 (2011). Facies, Organic Content, and Composition of Carlile and Niobrara Formations, Southwestern Saskatchewan and Southeastern Alberta, Samantha E. Facies and Diagenesis of Older Pleistocene Coral Reefs, Great Barrier Reef, Australia (IODP 325), Eberhard Gischler, Andre W. 2017 AAPG DPA Mid-Continent Playmakers Forum, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, May 11, 2017, Abstracts #90296 (2017). Earth Stress and Seismic Hazard from the Size-Frequency Distribution of Seismic Events, Sherilyn Williams-Stroud and Graham Yielding, #70278 (2017). Subsurface Geologic Characterization of Johnson County, Texas, in Support of Induced Seismicity Modeling, H. Prospect Investigation and De-Risking Using Cognitive Interpretation Workflows, Offshore Equatorial Guinea, Tom Wooltorton, Stephen Leslie, Merritt Smith, and Rachael A. Petrophysical Analysis of the 3rd Bone Spring Formation, P. Complementary Results on Experiment-Derived Classification of Submarine Sediment Gravity Flows, Carolina H. Utilising Stratigraphic Driven Approaches and Simulations to Build Robust 3-D Geologic Models for Miocene Reservoirs, "Josh" Field, Niger Delta, Taiwo J. Evolution of E & P Risk Analysis (1960-2017), Peter R. Climate Risk and the Fossil Fuel Industry, Jim Krane, #80595 (2017). Determination of the Laminar, Structural and Disperse Shale Volumes Using a Joint Inversion of Conventional Logs, Ambrosio Aquino-López, Aleksandr Mousatov, Mikhail Markov, and Elena Kazatchenko, #41944 (2016). Bellian, Brigette Martini, Lyn Canter, Ronnell Carey, David Katz, Patricia Rodrigues, Jennifer Curnow, Marshall Jung, and Mary Guisinger, #41943 (2016). Coal Seam Gas Content Controlling Factors and its Trends in Eastern Surat Basin, Australia, Xiangwen Kong, #10862 (2016). Bhat, Sumita Koul, Jonathan Craig, and Bindra Thusu, #50570 (2012). Physico-Chemical Controls on Source Rock in Offshore Indus — Comparative Study of Some Major Tertiary Deltas of the World, Syed Asif Ahsan, Rizwan Khan, Yasir Naveed, and Mudasar M. Shale Gas Potential of Lower Cretaceous Sembar Formation in Middle and Lower Indus Sub-Basins, Pakistan, Nazir Ahmad, Javed Mateen, Kashif Shehzad, Nasar Mehmood, and Fahad Arif, #10392 (2012). Fluvial Reservoirs: Using the Right Architectural Models, G. Sand Development Pattern Within the Paleocene - Lower Eocene Sediments Along the Shelf Areas of Upper Assam Basin - A Study Incorporating New Subsurface Information, B. Thermal Modelling and Hydrocarbon Generation History of the Kangra- Mandi Sub-basin of the Himalayan Foreland Basin, Himachal Pradesh, India, Narendra K. 2011 AAPG European Region Conference, 5-7 October 2011, Marrakech, Morocco; Abstracts, #90137 (2011). Economics of CO Controls on the Distribution and Geometries of Sandstone Bodies in Platform Carbonate Systems: Examples from the Middle Permian (Guadalupian), Permian Basin, Texas, Stephen C. Taylor, Per Kent Pedersen, Ron Spencer, Haiping Huang, Steve Larter, and Andrew Aplin, #50450 (2011). Blakley, Beverly Seyler, and Philip Johanek, #20111 (2011). Droxler, Jody Webster, and Expedition 325 Scientists, #50433 (2011). Paul Wright, Giovanna Della Porta, and Didier Granjeon, #30164 (2011). Recognition and Meaning of Hydrocarbon Seeps, Timothy B. Exploration of the Transform Margin of West Africa: Discovery Thinking – Jubilee and Beyond & Exploration of the Tano Basin and Discovery of the Jubilee Field, Ghana: A New Deepwater Game-Changing Hydrocarbon Play in the Transform Margin of West Africa, by Greg Jewell, #110156 (2011). 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There's also a good chance he's the only person you know the Golden Globe winner has dated.The Whys and Wherefores of Geochemistry and Basin Modeling From Exploration to Production, Richard Patience and Friedemann Baur, #70277 (2017). Method and Data-Acquisition Workflow for Rock-Type Definitions in the Lower Carboniferous Resource Play, NW England, Niels H. Petroleum Systems Modelling of the Perth Basin, Western Australia, Khwaja A. Depositional Controls and Sequence Stratigraphy of Lacustrine to Marine Transgressive Deposits in an Active Rift Basin, Lower Cretaceous Bluff Mesa, Indio Mountains, West Texas, Andrew T. Seismic Geomorphology and Characterization of Deep Water Architectural Elements and its Applications in 3D Modeling: A Case Study in North Carnarvon Basin Australia, Jerson J. Seismic Facies Classification and Characterization of Deep Water Architectural Elements: A Case Study in North Carnarvon Basin Australia, Jerson J. Onshore San Joaquin Basin and Temblor Range, California: New Insights into the Structural Framework and Exploration Potential of a Complex and Mature Fold and Thrust Belt, Matteo Molinaro, Thomas Hauge, Sean O'Connor, Anthony Salem, Olga V. High Impact Exploration Inventory in an Emerging Hydrocarbon Province, Morandava Basin, Offshore Madagascar, Irewole J. Valencia Trough (Offshore Spain): Petroleum Systems and Play Types, Raffaele Di Cuia, Alberto Riva, Angelo Ricciato, and Mara Marian, #10951 (2017). Integrated Approach for Unconventional System Analysis and Modeling: The Lower and Middle Triassic of Western Canada, T. Exploration Risk Assessment Using Forward Stratigraphic Modelling: Flemish Pass Basin, NL, Canada, E. The Application of Data Conditioning, Frequency Decomposition, and RGB Colour Blending in the Gohta Discovery (Barents Sea, Norway), Syed Fakhar Gilani, Luis Gomez, and Ryan Williams, #41890 (2016). Oil and Gas Resources off the West Coast of the United States, Drew Mayerson, Kenneth Piper, and Chima Ojukwu, #20135 (2012). Seismic Reservoir Characterization of the Morrow “A” Sandstone, Postle Field, Texas County, Oklahoma, Thomas L. Benson, Scott Wehner, Michael Raines, and Roger Freidline, #50517 (2011). Joint Modeling of the Thermo-Tectonic Evolution in an Extensional Area, Eugenio Carminati, Marco Cuffaro, Edie Miglio, Carlo Doglioni, and Paolo Ruffo, #30205 (2011). Capturing Interwell Scale Heterogeneity from Process-Based Modelling for Reservoir Flow Simulations: A Study of the Middle Triassic Latemar Platform, Dolomites, North Italy, Graham Felce, Fiona Whitaker, Gregory Benson, and Tom Leadbeater, #40793 (2011). A Worked Example from the Ordovician Beach Formation, Newfoundland, Canada, Dario Harazim, Duncan Mc Ilroy, Joe Macquaker, and Samuel J. Rethinking the Classic Oxbow Filling Model: Some Hope for Improved Reservoir Connectivity, John Holbrook and Neal Alexandrowicz, #50447 (2011).

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