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15-Apr-2017 05:46

"Most candidates are not versed in seeing this as a trick question, so they may answer by speaking from a personal perspective: 'I have three kids, I'm married, etc,'" says Nicolai."Believe it or not, even the most seasoned candidate falls for this question especially when prompted by the interviewer to elaborate." What response are they looking for?In fact, there are two much more practical reasons why hiring managers ask this question: Here’s the deal. She runs through hundreds if not thousands of practice interview questions and refines her answers until they’re tailored, precise, and perfect…and interviewers know this.A good interview candidate always prepares before she (or he) goes in for an interview. They’re not stupid…that’s why they’re the ones doing the interviews! UPDATE There have been a lot of great answers to this question. My professional and academic background are already in the resumé, which the interviewer has obviously looked at. What and how do you answer to this specific question? Am I wrong if I think this question is a bit silly?It's like "well, I have no idea what I'm gonna do with you, so you just start talking and maybe I'll figure out what to ask you about." "Tell me about your technical background" sounds much better.

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The right answer can steer the rest of the interview.A focused, laser-sharp answer conveying your value to the organization and department.