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Even as children we are taught that the age of a tree can be determined by counting to the number of tree rings at the lower part of the tree trunk.But, as children we may not have realized that patterns of rings can be compared among trees to determine the exact year in which rings were formed (Fritts, H. Precise dating of events involving the “maiming or killing” of a tree is possible because tree growth is affected by variations in climates, and the “yearly sequence of favorable and unfavorable (wet and dry or warm and cold years) is faithfully recorded by the sequence of wide and narrow rings in large numbers of trees (Fritts, 1976).

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Response of climate warming on tree-ring formation has attracted much attention during recent years.

You should collect the cores as close to the ground as possible, to get the maximum number of rings.

Since growth of the tree begins at the root system, a core taken above the base may have a much younger estimated age than one taken directly at ground level.

The standard series plot of The College of Wooster ring-width chronology.

As indicated by the arrow, the dramatic increase in ring width is a direct result of the establishment of the college in 1866.We therefore introduce a Preliminary version of this article have appeared in [C.

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