Tv shows updating show information

22-Nov-2016 08:34

If I reset the TV, go through setup and go directly to the Guide without changing channels with the remote, the guide will first search all broadcasts for channel information... If I exit the Guide and change channels using the remote up/down buttons until I see the correct information on the momentary display (on the right side)... The TV takes a few moments to gather information after initial setup; this includes setup after a reset.

then go to the Guide, all channel information appears. Additionally, when you initially power on the TV, it'll take up to a minute to gather information for over-the-air channels.

The folder name will be cleaned of commonly used strings, such as DVDRip, 1080p, x264, etc. If the year of release is included, this will be extracted and used by the scraper to assist in making a match.

An antiquated practice in the age of streaming and year-round premiere dates?You can see the Guide scanning and building the Guide program information. In the time since I posted this problem in this forum, about 40% of the time when I go to the guide, it scans and shows "No Information" for every channel.