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14-Jun-2017 17:21

Looking for spiritual singles who understand the "law of attraction"? We connect conscious singles that share a common goal for a spiritual relationship with others who are like-minded and ready for love. since I was a little girl, I searched and finally found my Twin Soul, fully knowing we could only be together for a short while in this lifetime.

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We all come here, essentially, searching for that missing half of our soul, feeling a certain emptiness without it.In the way of things, twin souls have to experience separations. During these times we learn so much about ourselves and we learn about unconditional love.Knowing that your other half (and this isn’t always your spouse or girl/boyfriend) must fulfil their earthly karmic obligations is extremely challenging.I once encountered a grandmother and granddaughter who were twin flames.

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They would do things at the same time without even communicating it, because their psychic connection was so strong.

However, do not be fooled into believing that you will always find your twin flame in the opposite sex, or even here on earth this lifetime.