Updating a galley kitchen dating sea under

07-Mar-2017 20:12

The owners spent most of this on much more energy-efficient appliances, as well as some defining touches like the farmhouse sink.Make sure to read the comments on this tour: The owner adds a lot of extra helpful info (including their budget).

In our deluxe gut renovation vision, my fiance and I were thinking granite countertops, sparkling stainless steel appliances and the finest floor tiling Italy had to offer. All this stuff costs an exorbitant amount of money and for a kitchen that could double as a large closet? Instead, we decided to pay attention to aesthetics, design AND price.The galley kitchen is perhaps the most efficient of all kitchens when it comes to the original and primary use of the kitchen: cooking.After all, this layout takes its name from the galley, or kitchen, of a ship or airplane.A decorative range hood and glass-front upper cabinets also prevent the kitchen from feeling closed in, while having the cooktop and sink located on the same wall keeps the messiest part of the kitchen close to the cleanup area.

Alternatively, you could turn one of the walls of cabinetry and appliances into an island for a more entertaining friendly update on the galley kitchen.

Ideas, costs, tips and plans - the information you need for a successful Galley Kitchen Remodeling project November 2016 Homeowners have many important questions about their Galley Kitchen Remodeling Project. Use this information to develop a budget, bid requirements, hiring contracts and a project plan.