Updating my verizon phone

22-May-2017 12:15

updating my verizon phone-51

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To turn on Developer Mode, go to SETTINGS - ABOUT PHONE.

Find where it says "Build Number." Tap on "Build Number" *seven* times.

To manually update your phone, connect it to your computer( windows preferably).

Open up this pc, and double click CD DRIVE VERIZON MOBILE.

You'll also need to trade in your current i Phone to move up to a new device, so for the 16GB 6s you'll pay at least 5 to temporarily use your i Phone, and then hand it back to Verizon when you want to upgrade.

The phone’s full retail price is divided into 24 equal monthly installments, with each payment being added to your monthly cell plan bill.

How can I get it to work with the 4G high speed data and also ensure that it updates properly?

For now, you have the option of either buying your phone at full price upfront (and signing on for a month-to-month Verizon plan), or paying your device off over 24 equal monthly installments in the next two years.This information can include your phone number, or be related to the roaming network, the sign in credentials that are needed for you to access the internet, and more.

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