Updating rosetta 800 firmware

02-Jun-2016 20:35

updating rosetta 800 firmware-32

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Further information and FAQs can be found here: Check your software version by entering *#0000# on the keypad while on the home screen.

We have a Rosetta 800 with an X-HD card and it works with v9.0.2.

A good converter with proper filtering will sound just as good at lower sample rates as it does at 96K and 192K.

Better to save the DSP for plug-ins and track count than to waste it on higher sampling rates (afterall, that is the main reason to go HD.... ) I have also compared the Rosetta 800 to the Digidesign 192 and preferred the Rosetta 800.

Forthcoming Bridge Co products will add more features to the existing ... The card plugs inside the Rosetta-800, a multi-channel audio converter by Apogee Electronics.

To ensure that DRM-protected content will work after the software update, please follow these recommendations.If we don't manually set the SYNC HD, Pro Tools does not recognize the Rosetta as being connected.