Validating assessments

19-Aug-2016 17:38

The assessment would have no ability to differentiate between bottom and top performers.

In the revised 2005 Standards for Registered Training Organisations Standard 9.2 states that 'The RTO must validate its assessment strategies by: i reviewing, comparing and evaluating the assessment processes, tools and evidence contributing to judgements made by a range of assessors against the same competency standard, at least annually ii documenting any action taken to improve the quality and consistency of assessment.' This really handy resource for practitioners contains a lot of practical material to help assessors and Registered Training Organisations maintain the quality of their assessment systems.Validating assessments for students with disabilities can be challenging.If test scores derived from those assessments are used for state accountability purposes, threats to validity must be identified and actions taken to remove or reduce those threats.A summary of the resource at the in 2003 this publication provides an overview of assessor networks and information necessary for starting up and maintaining a network.

It also provides access to a range of case studies related to industry-based assessor networks.This publication provides support and practical information for individuals and groups interested in establishing or extending assessor networks in the VET sector.