Validating the ds1 remote agent experiment

23-Apr-2017 00:54

validating the ds1 remote agent experiment-74

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The asteroids in the inner Solar System move in relation to other bodies at a noticeable, predictable speed.

Thus a spacecraft can determine its relative position by tracking such asteroids across the star background, which appears fixed over such timescales.

The concept of autonomy plays a very important role in the space technology and this problem has been investigated to a great extent at international conferences such as the 5th Intern.

Symposium on Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Automation in Space held at ESTEC, The Netherlands, in June 1999; the 6th i SAIRAS held in Montreal, Canada, in 2001; and the ESA Workshop on On-Board Autonomy held in Noordwijk in October 2001.

On the other side, there is the need of simplifying the control of the mission by allowing the possibility that the scientists give a high level goal description to the robot and the (autonomous) robot is able to perform the assigned task without requiring low level instructions from the humans.

In order to fulfill such ambitious goals, it is necessary to combine different techniques and methodologies, but in any case the adoption of Artificial Intelligence methodologies seems to be necessary [Doyle 97, Muscettola et al. In fact, tasks as planning, scheduling, diagnosis and reconfiguration al require reasoning capabilities and an explicit representation of the knowledge about the robot, the task and the environment.

Launched on 24 October 1998, the Deep Space 1 spacecraft carried out a flyby of asteroid 9969 Braille, which was its primary science target.

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The Deep Space series was continued by the Deep Space 2 probes, which were launched in January 1999 piggybacked on the Mars Polar Lander and were intended to strike the surface of Mars (though contact was lost and the mission failed).

Deep Space 1 was the first NASA spacecraft to use ion propulsion rather than the traditional chemical-powered rockets.

Deep Space 1 (DS1), currently scheduled for launch in July or August 1998, is the first mission of NASA's New Millennium program, chartered to flight validate high-risk, advanced technologies important for future space and Earth science programs.

DS1's payload of technologies will be rigorously exercised during the two-year mission.

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Several features of the project present unique or unusual opportunities and challenges in the design of the mission that are likely to be encountered in future missions.The Deep Space series was continued by the Deep Space 2 probes, which were launched in January 1999 on Mars Polar Lander and were intended to strike the surface of Mars.

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