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08-Nov-2016 15:16

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Vince’s first two infomercials, the Sham Wow and the Slap Chop, had a kind of offbeat energy combined with naughty (for an infomercial! And the Schticky managed to skillfully send up Vince Offer’s pop-culture persona.

Perhaps he is dispirited at having to work as a pitchman again instead of enjoying a career as a major Hollywood filmmaker, but Vince Offer seems to be just going through the motions with In Vinceable.

We spoke with him about his new EP, his former life as a Crip, and the ties between success and self-destruction.

“I wouldn’t necessarily say I’m not optimistic,” says Vince Staples.

Conversations with the Long Beach, California rapper tend to quickly stray into discussions of perspective and experience — Would you believe what you believe if you weren’t who you are?

— and ours, held in a boardroom in the New York offices, is no exception. I’ve always thought of what’s the worst possible thing that could happen, and then you work up from there.” He’s wearing simple clothing: a T-shirt, pants, and sneakers of no special distinction, plus large glasses that could only be described as nerdy.

With 2012 already off to a fantastic start — mainly thanks to a beautiful baby named Blue Ivy — this week continued the end of year’s celebratory feel as we all continue to write 2011 rather than 2012. Cole at La Pomme, Katie Couric splashed back into the dating world at Lure Fishbar, and Kelly Clarkson laughed with Miranda Lambert over spicy tuna at Koi.

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[People] La Pomme: Vince Young bought a round of drinks for Drake and J. [Page Six/NYP] Lure Fishbar: Freshly single Katie Couric shook first-date nerves and joined a “mystery man” for dinner on Tuesday, her first date since splitting with her boyfriend of five years only a month ago.Staples has a predilection for the shorter collection.The last we heard of Vince Offer, his movie had flopped spectacularly at the box office and the DVDs were being sold on TV for .95. He’s back in an infomercial for a cleaning tablet product named after himself, In Vinceable: Yet it all comes across as a pale copy of what he’s done before.Not in an egotistic way, but in a soberly bemused, meditative, isn’t-it-strange kind of way.

We’re convening to discuss Prima Donna, Staples’s third major-label project and second EP.

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Later this year, Lerman, now 22, will step into the fray as a full-fledged leading man, going to cinematic war alongside Brad Pitt and Shia La Beouf in David Ayer's not-yet-titled five-men-in-a-tank drama. SHANNON: I find it exhausting sometimes, changing my clothes over and over again. We met with a bunch of military advisors—just constantly talking to people and picking their brains on war and their experiences. These guys were so horrible to me at first, and then, after a while, I really respected them. SHANNON: Did you find yourself gathering some wisdom from the people who you were around? … continue reading »

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Jackie Gleason, You’re In The Picture It’s rare enough for an entertainer to apologize for a gaffe or a bomb, but on January 27, 1961, Jackie Gleason didn’t just say he was sorry for what he had done; he spent a half-hour explaining how it happened.… continue reading »

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Gas station mini marts on Sunset Boulevard provide sustenance when love stinks; Hollywood's exclusive hot spots such as Magic Castle are there for first dates; and diners such as Brite Spot in Echo Park serve as meeting grounds for the lovelorn to talk about their prospective matches."We felt like there was an opportunity to show off certain aspects of Los Angeles, much in the same way [HBO's] 'Girls' has for Brooklyn," said Judd Apatow, one of the producers and co-creators of 'Love.'"It's more expensive to shoot in Los Angeles — you don't have the same tax breaks as you do in other cities, so I think it motivates most people to leave town.… continue reading »

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