Weird dating stories

01-Sep-2016 10:16

Aren't you just having the BEST time dating, aka doing something that can be exhausting, awkward, and sometimes soul-crushing?!?

" I'd like to formally announce that, at the very least, I do remember that dating isn't always a walk in the park.

Reader, I blocked him 10) On picking me up for a first date he produced a picture from his wallet of a model in a wedding dress.

He then showed it to my mum and told her that was the dress he imagined his future wife wearing.

I wasn't thinking about how some networks are loose with their timings, so some programs spill into other programs' time slots.

Turns out there was some soft-core porn before one of the movies I recorded, and of course that was the one she chose to watch.

After being in a relationship for a few years, I've basically forgotten what it's like to date.

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I thought it was broken, maybe because someone jumped on it when we were dancing.It was an amazing WTF moment and I never talked to her again.• I got walked out on on a date that seemed like it was going fairly well because I said I didn’t like french fries.