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10-Feb-2016 23:43

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The daughter of former vice presidential candidate and Alaska Governor Sarah Palin announced the pregnancy in June, only a month after her split from fiance Dakota Meyer.

Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer is looking to gain joint custody of his child with Bristol Palin, according to his attorney in a complaint filed Wednesday.

“To him, that means being a big part of his daughter’s life.

Beyond that he’d really appreciate and thank his friends, supports and the news media for respecting the privacy of each family in this very personal matter.” Bristol Palin gave birth to Sailor on Dec. It is the second child out of wedlock for the 25-year-old daughter of 2008 Republic vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin.

" If Palin's story is accurate, what "she appears to be describing is a non-consensual — and likely illegal — assault.""Is Bristol Palin’s new memoir the story of a rape survivor speaking out?

" Calling this rape is an insult to sexual assault victims: This sounds fishy, says Maressa Brown at , especially coming from a young woman who's "becoming a mini-queen of publicity stunts" in a quest for fame and cash.

Bristol is the eldest daughter, and second of four children, of Todd Palin and Sarah Palin, the former governor of Alaska and 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee.Bristol Palin, seen here with then-fiance Levi Johnston in 2008, says Johnston took advantage of her drunken state even though he knew she wanted to wait until marriage to have sex.DAMIR SAGOLJ/Reuters/Corbis, Bristol Palin writes that Levi Johnston, her ex-boyfriend and father of her son Tripp, "stole" her virginity in a wine-cooler-induced haze — even though he knew she wanted to wait until marriage to have sex.Palin says she isn't accusing Johnston of date rape, but, under Alaska law, a man who has sex with a woman who is "incapacitated or unaware" of what's happening is committing second-degree sexual assault.

(Johnston has not commented on Palin's version of events.) Does the encounter, as described by Bristol, qualify as date rape?“Meyer believes that he is the biological father of the minor child.” The complaint also insists that it is in the baby’s best interest that both Palin and Meyer share joint legal custody of her, according to the Marine Corps Times.