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Girls are just like Boys, they live and die, they are insecure and anxious about stuff, they lack skills and confidence in some stuff, they get into phases where they feel alone and un-sexy.

And you as the guy need to support and assist your girl as she is also supposed to assist and support you so both of you can work on making the other person grow and better themselves while they also take care of one’s self.

But Mark said, `No one cares about that.'” Within a few years of their conversation, Entourage was in production and Carroll’s life was about to hit the small screen.

All of Wahlberg’s inner circle turned into fictional fodder for the HBO show.

“Shortly afterwards my friend was attacked by five guys on bikes while in a tuk tuk, but he fought them off.” I wrote to Kate to ask her about what she’s experiencing there at the moment.

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When Wahlberg hit it (big) in the early 90s as a hip-hop star and underwear poster boy Marky Mark, Carroll ditched the streets and moved to Hollywood along with Wahlberg to pursue his supa-sta dreams. After failed attempts at getting his own music career off the ground — Carroll went by the name of Murder One— he came up with an idea for a reality show and book based on his 14 years of experiences being in the clique of one of the hottest up-and-coming actors in Hollywood.

Carroll told the Boston Herald in 2005: “I told Mark I wanted to do a reality show about me,” he said. It was called `From the Hood to Hollywood, A Soldier’s Story.’ It was about a kid like me who grows up with a kid like Mark and ends up in Hollywood with him livin’ the life.

In just the past week, I’ve heard frightening stories from two fellow travel bloggers on the road together, Kate Mc Culley of .

“Within a few days of being here, we’ve been warned repeatedly in Phnom Penh about thieves on bikes snatching bags from tuk tuks,” Mario wrote on his Facebook page.story has been a the story of the solid friendships between Vince, Johnny Drama, E and Turtle.