Will consolidating my debt stop garnishment

16-Apr-2016 10:46

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I was also broke and about ,000 in debt to the U. So, while I tried to figure out what career I wanted to pursue, I went back to serving to pay the rent.

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The government, unlike lenders, can garnish your wages without taking you to court. Basically, defaulting on your federal student loans puts you in a terrible spot.Of course, life didn’t go as smoothly as I had envisioned as an 18-year-old. Fortunately, I had a six-month grace period before I had to start repaying my loans after graduating and I was confident something would turn up.This became glaringly apparent 10 years later, when I received an email from the HR department at my company: We are commanded to immediately remit 15% of your disposable pay to the U. But six months later, the only career-related job I’d found was an unpaid internship at a small literary agency.If you are unsuccessful, then your tax refund and other federal payments will be offset.

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For more detailed information about Treasury offset or the review process (including how to request a review), contact your to collect your defaulted debt without taking you to court.This withholding (“garnishment”) continues until your defaulted loan is paid in full or removed from default.