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A 1972 Montreal is one of the 12 cars featured in "alfazioso" by Gianfilippo Salvetti, published in November 1998 by Fucina Edizioni (Italian and English text, ITL 80,000).The car illustrated (AR1425697) has been part of the Alfa Blue Team since November 1994. The seal is circular with a long rectangular opening along one edge and two shorter rectangular openings opposite.One side has a decoration, though all that remains visible is part of a cross within a square. No similar examples have been found, though the form would suggest it was a bag seal. The obverse depicts three crowns and three lis around a central rose all within an inner circle.This directory provides information on the current research interests, websites, and means of contacting historians of photography from around the world.Before contacting any of these people, remember that many are busy professionals with no obligation to reply to your message; be courteous and reasonable in your requests for information.There are traces of a single rivet hole at the top, which would have attached the object to the end of the strap. A similar example is published in Egan and Pritchard (1991, no. This object is therefore likely to be of a similar date.Dimensions: length: 48.34mm; width: 13.28 A Medieval buckle and belt plate set, dating AD1200-1300.

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In "Dream Cars: The Best Cars in the World", published in 1997 by George Weidenfeld & Nicolson, author Andrew Frankel includes the Montreal in his catalogue of the 50 most desirable cars in the history of motoring.Twentieth Century focus on F64 group, FSA, Horace Bristol, and a particular focus on William Eggleston and photography in the American South Jeffrey W.